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Can You Buy Absinth In The United States?

You can buy absinth in the United States, there are many brands available you can purchase in any liquor store. You might be wondering then why is there such a commotion around the subject. I'm going to quickly brief you about buying Absinth in the United States. There is a law that prohibits thujone from being sold. What does this thing has to do with anything? Well, thujone is the active ingredient found in Absinth, it's believed to have psychotropic effects on drinkers, so it was banned. The Absinth you buy in the Unites States is a very watered down version of the legendary absinth drink, it will contain less than 3 parts thujone per million. Don't get sad, there is some good news. If you buy any drink and 'add' some herbs (there are many herbs that contain thujone), there's no law against it. This process is called maceration and will give you an idea of what to expect in the real bottle, but the taste will be really bitter. The drinking of thujone is not regulated at all. If you plan to sell it you can get yourself in hot water, but if you use it for your personal use there's no problem.

Ok, so we've solved the drinking issue, but where can you buy real absinth in the United States? There are underground night clubs that sell the real stuff, if you are just curios and want to have a sample of it. If you are looking for a way of getting a bottle or two for your home then there is also a way.

Absinth, the real formula, or at least one not as diluted as in the United States is legal in many countries around the world. Europe has a number of high quality brands you can examine through the net. Be sure to pick a respected site, one that has experience in the mater. Also, pick up a good bottle, there are many claiming high thujone levels just to make the sale. You are better off with the ones that use the traditional process and deliver quality.

Some internet companies will give you a warranty: The case (or bottles) purchased will be delivered to your doorstep without any customs hassles!

How is this done?

Well, it's said that customs is not really putting all that attention in small shipments of Absinth and are letting them through. Remember, as long as it's for your personal use you can drink absinth in the United States. Customs has the power and authority to confiscate the bottles, so if you feel a little unsure, go for the web sites that have the delivery guaranty!

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